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A Christmas present from my wife two brass shell cases converted into trench art. Any bright spark out there know what the markings are thus:- ST over 52 MARZ 1917 AADr over 60 on base impessed with a German cross on one side and a shield engraved YPRES opposite. Second one:- st H.L. 70 APR 1917 HL over e on base, impressed with a German cross and a shield engraved ARRAS. Does all this make sense? Help !! Ralph

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I guess you know the easy part - one was manufactured March 1917 and the other April 1917. These trench art cases being obviously German are usually 77mm - the standard German fieldgun of the Great War.

Do you have photos to post?

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Thanks for the replies chaps, sorry dont know how to post photos, a bit thick on the old tech lark. Ralph.

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