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A-362887 Pte J.J. ELLIOTT A.S.D

Guest ABeuden

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I hope you can help me.

We have found on the floor of my father-in-law's second hand bookshop in Gypsy Hill (London) a Victory medal. We found it whilst doing a clear out so it could have been there for years. It could have fallen out of someone's pocket or was in a box of other bits & pieces, we don't know.

Anyway, we obviously want to return it/give it back to the next of kin. We intend to visit the PRO to get more information, (I have looked into `The Long Long Trail' etc. for information).

Is there a department which can tell me his next of kind or any old address info? And please can you tell me what does the A and the ASD stand for?

Is there anything else I should find out? Any relevant department we should visit specifically?

Many thanks in advance.



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Guest Ian Bowbrick

ASD is probably ASC which stands for Army Service Corps. The prefix A was for men in the Horse Transport (Special Reserve).

To be honest trying to trace a relative might be harder than you think - a search for this soldier's service record (a 1 in 4 chance of finding a record) might throw up something, such as an area but the chances of someone living there now.............. <_<

In addition his family line may have died out or and also a possibility, the family may have no interest :(

My suggestion for what it is worth, is research it by all means but them keep it yourself.

Others may disagree and I am sure they will.

ASC Victory medals have a financial value of £6-£8.


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