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Pte. Thomas Grant - Royal Scots

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Hi All,

Back i Dec 2005 when i first logged on the forum i asked for help in finding info on my Grandfathers service, Pte Thomas Grant. Though his service recors no longer existed, i did have copies of his various discharge documents, his certificate of discharge showed that he enlisted into the Royal Scots 1st Dec 1914. The chaps on here showed me how to use the TF Remumbering pages on the site, and from that found that at least by Mar 1917 he was serving with the 8th Royal Scots, as well as that one of the pals, George Souness sent me loads of info on the 8th bn. His subsequent transfers to the HLI 42185, Labour Corps 473650 & Army Ordance Corps 043027, i never found more on.

However whilst recently looking at his MIC again, it struck me that although he must have been transfered to the HLI after March 1917, ( having previously served with the R.Scots with a 6 fig No. 345153 ) on transfer to the HLI he was given the No. 42185 according to his MIC and also shows on the Roll. This is what i dont understand, should this have not been a 6 fig no. On this sites TF renumbering page, it shows the criteria that a man would be given a new number on transfer.

According to the table on the page, my Grandfather being a TF soldier ( having a 6 fig no. ) who was transfered from a Regt with one or more TF Bn's, whether being posted to a regular or TF Bn should by the criteria given in the table have been given a TF no. which would have been a 6 fig. I thought perhaps the clerk who wrote out the MIC may have made a mistake and ommitted the last digit and this was copied to the Roll, however when i looked at the table for TF numbers allocated to the HLI, i found that the numbers stop at 380000, - 355001 to 380000 being issued to the 9th HLI none higher being issued. So this couldn't be a mistake by the Army Medal office.

Does anyone have any idea whats going on here I'm at a total loss - HELP !!!

sorry for the long winded post.



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