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Hello all

I am looking for some quite specific information. I didnt know where else to turn so I though i would put the question out there and see if any of you experts can help.

My ancestor William A Williams was injured on the 01 July 1916. we believe he was fighting at Gommecourt

He died the next day. any idea of the location of field hospitals in the area where he may have been taken for treatment. Or any idea what would have happened to him. we have located his grave in france and visited last week. But are still trying to put all the pieces together.

He was with the 37th division, 125th brigade of the Royal field Artillery and was a gunner (8235)


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The 125th Bde RFA was indeed part of 37th Division, but they must have been detached from that Division at this time, because on 1st July this division was in the line near Monchy au Bois, north of the Somme battlefield. I see that he is buried at Becourt, just outside Albert. There were many gun positions in this area prior to the battle and I can only presume his unit was occupying some of them. There was an Advanced Dressing Station in the nearby Becourt Chateau, so if he did die of wounds, it may have been there. Have you been to the National Archives to check the War Diary of 125th Bde RFA?

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