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Remembered Today:

Pte Francis Buddell 6/Buffs KIA 6 July 16

Clive Harris

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Hi everyone, I have today just returned from a battlefield tour and took one of my passengers to see the name of his uncle Pte G/7715 Francis Buddell who was killed with the 6 East Kents on the 7th July 1916 attacking Ovillers.

He has suddenly appeared from nowhere on the CWGC site as being on the Thiepval memorial Addenda within the last two weeks, when we got to the memorial we found that a stonemason was busy at work on a new panel (facing the Anglo/French Cemetery) as yet Pte Buddell had not appeared, he was not on the Buffs panel or on the 6 other addenda panels that are found on various parts of the memorial.

It looks like he has been "discovered as missing" very recently and I wondered if anyone on our forum is responsible given our shared excellent broad based knowledge?

The family had no previous knowledge of him but were thrilled to find his name appear on the CWGC site, if you have researched this man I know that Steve Buddell his Great Nephew would love to hear from you, so any further info would be greatly received,

thanks in advance


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Well Clive I certainly can't help but what an interesting post! I think your customer must be elderly and this has to be a thrill, sure hope to see answer but can't CWGC tell you how they discovered this man so many years after?

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