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Can anyone help a friend of mine find information about the following soldier?

George Mitchell Shand MM

He served with the Royal Garrison Artillery and was born in Aberdeen in 1877

Can anyone tell me how and when he received his Military Medal?

And does anyone know the month or months when the Royal Garrison Artillery served in Erquinghem-Lys in Northern France?

I have checked Ancestory and couldn't spot the right chap.

Any help with the above will be gratefully received.


Blueblood (Phil) :D

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Hi Phil,

Just type in Shand for last name, and on the last line (other keywords) of the online MIC catalogue the service number 122501, and his two mics will come up for you to order online. The first will be the ref card to the London Gazzette date of his award and may with luck name his battery.

Rgds Paul

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Hi Phil,

His mention in The London Gazette is http://www.gazettes-online.co.uk/ViewPDF.a...mp;exact=122501 , if the link works, or just put his number in the search engine on that site.

His number would normally indicate someone finalising his enlistment Sept/Oct 1916, but because it is one of those "funny" ones it may indicate a renumbering from a TF unit. If you know he was serving before this time there is a chance he had another TF number and, if it were me, I would first try searching for info. on the Essex & Suffolk RGA.

Regards Kevin

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Thanks for your help. I will pass on your info to my friend (He's not up to speed with this new fangled internet stuff) and thanks for the link to the gazette online which worked fine.

Have you a rough idea on how long after the event someone received a medal? Or is that pure guess work?

I will get searching for info on the Essex and Suffolk RGA

Thank you both for your help.

Blueblood (Phil) :D

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