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The Register gives brief details of all attendees of Marlborough College between 1843 and 1933. It includes Regiment and Rank details for those who served in the Great War, plus school attendance and business details. Happy to look-up particular names.

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Could you take a look for the following for me please:


Lance Serjeant 2085, 1st Bn., Cambridgeshire Regiment

who died on Sunday, 30th July 1916. Age 23. Son of Edward and Antonie Meyrick, of Thornhanger, Marlborough, Wilts. Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge. Browne Scholar 1914. His Company commander, Capt Adam, wrote in a letter home "One very sad thing has happened in the death of Corporal Meyrick, the great classic and equally great soldier who was one of my very best NCOs. He was never strong, and at the same time so tough that he would never give up, with the result that he died suddenly…"

Many thanks,


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The entry in the register for your man is:


son of E.Meyrick F.R.S (Old Marlburian)

born 6 Jan 1896

Marlborough College Sep 1905 to Mar 1912


Maj.& Sen.Sch.Trinity College Camb: 1st Class Trip; Part I,Div I

Great War - Cpl, Cambs Regt. 1914

Died St.Omer Hospital 30 July1916



son of Rev.E.Meyrick,Ramsbury, Wilts

b 24 Nov 1854

Marborough College Aug 1864 to March 1874


Football XX 1872

Authors Scholarship 1870-71

Trinity Coll. Camb. Abbot Univ Sch 1874

1st Class Trip BA

In New Zealand and Australia 1877-86

FRS 1904

Assistant Master Marlborough College 1887-1914

Author ' Hand Book of British Lepiodoptera' and 'Exotia Microlepidoptera

Address Thornhanger, Marlborough



son of Rev.E.Meyrick

born 6 May 1856

Marlborough College Aug 1869 to 1 Jul 1874

Sheep Farmer

Address: Ridgelands, Feilding, New Zealand



Son of Rev E. Meyrick

b 11 Feb 1859

Marlborough College Feb 1872 to Apr 1876

Business Liverpool & Georgia

died Las Palmas 30 March 1899



Son of Rev.E.Meyrick

b 17 Sep 1864

Marlborough College Sep 1877 to Mar 1878

died Hastings 13 Mar 1895



Son of Rev. E. Meyrick

b 10 Nov 1866

Marlborough College Jan 1880 to Jul 1885

Cricket XI 1883-4-5 (Capt 1885)

Trinity Coll. Camb.

Drowned in the Cam 20 Mar 1886



b 20 Jan 1898

Marlborough College Sep 1911 to Dec 1916


Emmanuel Coll. Camb 1916

Great War - Wilts Regt 1917 Lieut 1918

BA 1921 MA

Assistant Master Banstead Hall 1921

Assistant Master Wellesley House Broadstairs 1924

Master Corchester, Corbridge 1928

Address Corchester, Corbridge, Northumberland

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WOW!!! Did you get repetative strain injury typing all that? I could make a good start on a family tree with all these.

Thankyou very much indeed. The forum reputation for silver service lives on.



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I missed one!



Son of Rev.E.Meyrick

b 2 Feb 1870

Marlborough College Sep 1883 to Mar 1887

St. Mary's Hospital & Farming

died Ramsbury, Wilts 16 Oct 1909

Also possible connection:


Son og Rev.F.Meyrick, Blicking, Norfolk

b 6 Aug 1874

Marlborough Colllege Sep 1885 to Mar 1890

Royal Engineers 1894

South African War 1899-1902

Despatches, Queen's Medal (5 clasps), King's Medal (2 clasps)

Capt 1904 Retired 1909

Bar. Inner Temple 1912

Great War - Royal Engineers Capt 1914 Maj. 1920

Address Eversley, Basingstoke, Hants.

There are also four entries for Meyrick-Jones

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  • 3 years later...

Hoping you spot this as it's been dormant for a while!

Is there any information on

Captain Lancelot Prickett RFC,

Lt Blacker-Douglas Irish Guards

Captain E.R.Coles 3rd Dragoon Guards

Captain R.S.Whitmore

all of whom appear on a local memorial

Thanks Hambo

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Jonathan Saunders

The cricket professional at the time of WW1 was a chap called Jennings. At least three of his sons played professional cricket - one died of wounds sustained in France. I doubt this would mention them, but on the offchance, is there any mention of the Jennings family?

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Marlborough April 1902 to Xmas 1905

Son of Maj.W.R.Prickett of Worfield,St.Botolph's Road, Worthing.

b. 3.9.1888

RA 1909

Great War. RGA Captain 1915

RFC Flying Officer 1916

Killed in a Flying Accident 2.6.1916

Edgar Ralph COLES

Marlborough Jan 1903 to Xmas 1906


Son of E.H.Coles, Burntwood, Caterham, Surrey

Magdalene College, Oxford BA 1910

3rd Dragoon Guards 1911

Great War - Captain 1914 MID 1915

KIA Hooge 12.5.1915

Roger Searle WHITMORE

Marlborough May 1908 to Xmas 1911

son of the late H.S.Whitmore, Tenchlop Park, Limpsfield


Shropshire Light Infantry Special Reserve 1912

Great War - 3rd Shrops.LI

Capt 1916 MC 1917

DoW 20.11.1917

No Blacker-Douglas listed at first trawl will try variants tomorrow as well as checking for relatives.


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you're a star, watching for a three year old thread to move!!

Don't worry about Blacker-Douglas I've just double checked at he was at Wellington, sorry

Thanks very nuch for your trouble


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Jonathan Saunders

This is a Marlborough man for sure - was a member of the OTC Cavalry. Leonard Pengelly Waghorn kia 6 Nov 1914. Any information?

Many thanks

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Edgar Coles had two brothers who attended Marlborough College.

Ernest James COLES

b. 3.10.1887

Marlborough Sept.1891 to 1906

Trinity College, Cambridge BA 1909

Great War - Inns of Court OTC 1914

AOD 1915 Captain 1917

Chief Ordance Officer China Command 1918-20

Colonel 1920 MID

Joint MD W.Warne & Co. Ltd. 29 Gresham St. London EC2

Home: Warley Leg, Great Warley, Essex

Guy Roger COLES

b. 21.6.1894

Marlborough May 1908 to Xmas 1912

Hockey XI 1908

University Coll.Oxford . Hockey Blue 1914

Great War: Hampshire Regt. 1914 Captain Indian Army 1917

England Hockey International 1921-23

Rubber Manufacturer. W.Warne & Co.Ltd. Barking, Essex

Home: Chart Cottage, Dorking

Given the Warne & Co. connection these two appear to be relatives, possibly cousins:

Hugh Charles COLES

Son of E.G.Coles of Carshalton, Surrey

b. 16.1.1877

Marlborough May 1890-1896

Hockey XI 1896

3rd. East Surrey Rifle Volunteers. Lieut.1920

Director W.Warne & Co. from 1913

Home: Glebe Huse, Buckland, Betchworth, Surrey

Douglas COLES

Son of E.G.Coles

Marlborough May 1888 to Xmas 1892

Estate Manager, New Egypt Co., Egypt

Great War - Captain, 1st Lovat Scouts 1914

Deputy Assistant Provost Marshall 1919

Major 1920 TD 1922

Home: Court House, Pewsey, Wilts.

Roger Whitmore had a brother at Marlborough:

Herbert Searle WHITMORE

b. 23.6.1891

Marlborough May 1905-1909

Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge BA

Great War - 3rd.Shropshire LI 1914-16 Lieut. Invalided out 1916

Home: Hilders Green, Edenbridge, Kent

There were no other Pricketts.

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There are 4 Jennings listed not related to each other, none dow or mentioned as being in the Cricket XI. No mention of Coach Jennings.

Leonard Pengelly WAGHORN

son of Captain J.W.Waghorn RN of Blackheath

b. 24.1.1891

Marlborough Jan.1905 to 1908

Medical Student - Guys Hospital

Great War - Lieut. 3rd.Royal West Kent Regt. 1914

KIA Ypres 6.11.1914

There are no other Waghorns listed


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Jonathan Saunders

Dave - many thanks. The Jennings request was a shot in the dark but there were a couple of new lines of information on Waghorn, which you supplied.

Most grateful,

Jon S

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John Herbert WEARNE

son of H.Wearne of Hove


Marlborough Jan.1909 to Easter 1912

South East Agricultural College, Wye, Kent

Great War - 21st. Royal Fusiliers 1914

3rd. Essex Regt. 1916 MGC Lieut. 1917


Home: 13 Fourth Avenue , Hove, Sussex.

There are no other Wearnes listed


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Unbelievable! Can't believe you replied in 2 minutes flat!!

Thanks very much for the info.


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Could you look up the following for me please:

Colonel Neville MANDERS, NZMC, who was killed in action by a stray bullet at Godley's HQ, No. 3 Outpost, central Anzac, on 9 August 1915, aged 55.

Thank you.

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Son of Capt.T.Manders of Marlborough

b. 12.12.1859

Marlborough August 1871-1876

St.Mary's Hospital 1883 MRCS LRCP

Soudan 1885 Medal with Clasp, Star

Lt.Col 1904 FESL

Colonel 1913

Great War - MID

KIA Anzac 9.8.1915


Edward Hacking MANDERS

b 28.8.1854

Marlborough April 1868 to Xmas 1871

Christ Church Oxford MA

Assistant Master Oxford Military College, Cowley, Oxford 1879

Mexico 1884

Army Tutor 1886-95

Home: The Chase, Eversley, Hants.


b. 20.12.1852

Marlborough August 1866 to 1870

Shooting Team 1870

St.Mary's Hospital and Paris FRCS

South Africa 1899-1902 Medical Officer 12th. Imperial Yeomanry, Quens Medal (4 clasps)

Lt.Col. 1st. Vol.Batt. Royal Berks. VD

Chief MO Lady Muriel Paget's Hospital, Dvinsk 190

Thanked by the Latvian Government

Died Chesham Bois 5.7.1935


Thomas Cyril MANDERS

Son of Horace MANDERS York Town, Surrey

b. 17.10.1881

Marlborough Sept.1894 to Easter 1899

Great War - 16th. Middlesex Regt. 1914

Capt. 1916 POW 1918

JP British Honduras 1926

Major and 1st.CO Honduras Defence Force 1928

District Commissioner 1929

Address: El Cayo, Brit. Honduras


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A request to look up, if you please, a former scholar of Marlborough College:

TREVOR, Frederick Pelham. Born ?1879, 2nd Lieut. 3rd attached 2nd DCLI, killed at Hooge 8 May 1915.

Educated Marlborough & Pembroke College Cambridge. He has connections to two Anglesey parishes, hence my interest.



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Wow, that was fast. Thanks very much for that information, Dave. Much appreciated.

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Frederick Pelham TREVOR

son of Dr.A.T.H.Trevor

b. 22.11.1879

Marlborough Sept.1893-1896

Pembroke College, Cambridge 1900

Farmer of Coney Hall, West Wickham

Great War - 2nd.Lieut. DCLI 1914

KIA Nr.Ypres 9.5.1915


Arthur Tudor Humphreys TREVOR

son of Rev.J.W.Trevor of Llanfaelog, Anglesey

b. 11.6.1846

Marlborough Aug. 1857-1861

MRCS 1866 LRCP 1868

Practiced at Iquique, Peru

d. Beaumaris 25.4.1887


Salusbury Robert TREVOR

Son of J.W.Trevor

b. 14.10.1836

Marborough Aug.1850-1854

Civil Engineer

d. India Oct.1860

Given the unusual first-name of Salusbury these twins may be relatives:

Robert Salusbury TREVOR

son of Col. S.T.Trevor (India)

b. 22.1.1872

Marlborough Sept. 1885 - 1887

Clare College, Cambridge MA. MB

British Columbia, Canada 1900

Contributor to Medical Journals

d. 4 Courtfield Road, South Kensington 21.3.1918

William Herbert TREVOR

son of Col. S.T.Trevor (India)

b. 22.1.1872

Marlborough Sept 1885 -1887

The Buffs 1892

Chitral 1895 Medal and Clasp

N.W.Frontier 1897-98 (clasp)

South Africa 1899-1901 Severley Wounded

Captain 1899

Queens Medal (3 clasps)

Great War - Brevet Lt.Col 1917

DSO 1915, MID, Order of Leopold, Order of Crown, Croix de Guerre, Order of the Cown (Italy)

Lt.Col Commanding 2nd.Batt. 1918-23, Colonel 1923


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Be most grateful if you could look me up Lt Shirley McTurk Spencer. He was KIA with 290th Brigade Royal Field Artillery on 10-10-17. According to the CWGC Debt of Honour Register he had been a Corporal in the Marlborough College O.T.C.



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Re. Frederick Pelham Trevor, Marlborough College:

That's great information, and very kind of you to look it up. It certainly adds to my knowledge of him and his family.

Thank you once again,


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Shirley McTurk Spencer

Son of A. McT. Spencer of 13 Collegiate Crescent, Sheffield.

b. 12.9.1897

Marlborough May 1911 to Xmas 1913

Great War RFA 2nd.Lieut. 1915

Invalided 1917.


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