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9th Bn. East Yorkshire Regiment


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Just starting to do a bit of research on a Hull mans record. I bought them from a local dealer and collector.

The mans medals have the prefix 9/ in lots of cases, this means 'of the 9th Battalion'.

Was the 9th EYR a training unit only, supplying replacements/reserves to actual operational fighting units, like the 1st NF, with whom this man served and died with on 23rd August, 1918?

There is only a very basic MIC.

He was re-numbered (no prefix) 38687, could this number give a clue to when he joined the 1/NF?

The man was entitled to a pair only, though he was 36 YOA and a Corporal when KIA.

Would it be possible that he was involved as a trainer of recruits, then posted out

I have a few medals to the East Yorks, and seen many more, but this is the only set I have come accross with a 9/ prefix.


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He would be attested 10/11th Nov 1915, posted to the 9th Battalion EYR at Rugeley Camp late Nov 1915, the 9th Bn supplied drafts to the 6th 7th and 8th Battalions. His number group joined the 8th Bn EYR mid may 1916. I dont have any information on John but it looks as though he was one of the many that volunteered rather than be conscripted.

Regards Charles

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Once again, many thanks for your answer and comprehensive too.

I went to his home on Welbeck St., just near the Zoological pub on Springbank and had a couple of photo's.


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