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7Bn Royal Fusiliers RND


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I was wondering if there is any mention of this officer in the Royal Fusiliers History?

DIMANT Douglas David

He was commisioned into the 7Bn RF from teh AIF while in England in Jan 1916.

But thats as far as my details go other then what I saw that the 7Bn was in the 190 Bde RND in France.

Can you help with any other details?


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The War Diary for the 7th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, 23rd July - 31st December 1916, appeared in Len Sellers' magazine 'RND' issue No.16, March 2001

The battalion disembarked (from UK) at Havre, 9 a.m. 24th July 1916

24/25th July 1916: Havre Dock Rest Camp

25th July 1916: Houdain 12.45 p.m. detrained

26th July 1916: Verdrel 4.50 p.m. arrived billeting area

August 1916: Verdrel. Except for tours of instruction on the trenches, the first four weeks of the month were devoted to further training of the Battalion. As a general rule the Companies were placed at the disposal of their Commanders for training in:- Bayonet fighting - Short route marches - Dummy grenade throwing - Musketry - Anti Gas Measures - Digging - Physical Training & Steady Drill. As soon as the Battalion Bombing Ground was completed the Battalion Bombing Officer commenced 6 day Courses for men selected for Company Bombers, 36 NCOs & men being put through at a time. The best of these were subsequently sent to the Brigade Bombing School. Classes were also held for Snipers, Scouts & Wiring. The Signalers and Lewis Gunners carried on training under the RSO and Bn. L.G.O. respectively. During this period several officers and other ranks attended the various classes of instruction at the IV Corps School.

Dimant then gets three mentions in the WD

* 11th August 1916: Lieut. Dimant on return from Sniper & Scouts Class at Pernes appointed Bn. Sniper & Scout Officer and commenced Class forthwith.

28th August 1916: Orders were received that the 190th Infantry Brigade would relieve the 120th Infantry Brigade in the Calonne Section on the 29th & 30th August. 7th Battalion R Fus being the support Battalion responsible for the defences of Calonne Village. The Commanding officer and the Officers Commanding Companies proceeded to the village to visit the companies that they were to take over from.

* 29th August 1916: 6.30 a.m. Lieut. Dimant, 4 Snipers and 8 observers proceed to Grenay Bridge. 12 noon Lieut. Morgan & the Battalion Lewis Guns with their crews proceeded to Grenay Church. 2.30 p.m. Lieut. Wilson & 1 NCO per company proceeded to Grenay Bridge. The above parties met guides at either the bridge or the church who conducted them to their respective places. The last two parties had to proceed in a very heavy thunderstorm.

3rd September 1916: The Battalion relieved the 1st H.A.C. as 'A' Battalion right subsection, B.D.A. Companies being in the front line in the order named. C Company being in support in billets in Calonne. The Battalion subsection extended from Bovril Alley exclusive to Mersey Tunnel. The Brigade on the Right was the 188th Brigade.

7th September 1916: The Battalion was relieved by the 1st H.A.C. & proceeded to Billets in Bulley Grenay

11th September 1916: The Battalion relieved the H.A.C. as 'A' Battalion in Colonnel. C.D.A. Companies were in the front line in the order named. B Company being in support in Calonne.

* 12-14th September 1916: During this tour a great deal more work was done to improve the existing trenches, both support & fire trenches. Work was also carried out on new fire trenches. Patrols went out every night but found no trace of the enemy. A great deal more wire was put out along our front. [despite 'no trace of the enemy' the entry for 14th Sept continues] "Casualties:- 2nd Lieutenant Dimant was wounded..."

The War Diary article concludes with thanks to the Chief Clerk/Archivist of City of London HQ, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, at HM Tower of London. It includes his telephone and fax numbers; if you need these [for Dimant after 31st Dec 1916?] then please send me a PM



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There are a couple of entries in The London Gazette for Dimant

Perhaps he never fully recovered from that wound in September 1916?


The undermentioned to be Second Lieutenants

(on probation). Dated 27th January,

1916: —

Douglas David Dimant, Royal Fusiliers:


R; Fus.—2nd Lt. D, D. Dimant resigns

his commn. on account of ill-health caused

by wounds, and is granted the hon. rank of

2nd Lt. 15th Nov. 1917.



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Many thanks for the details on Dimant.

You have done enough mate and have filled in a number of gaps I had on him.

Thanks again


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