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Polygon Wood


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Weather permitting i am going to visit, what i believe, to be the area my Great grandfather served in and lost his life on 1st October, 1917.

They are as follows;

The vicinity of Zevencote, just north of the Ypres-Zonnebeke road.

Polygon Wood.

Dochy Farm.

Red Rose Camp, Vlamertinghe.

Can anyone tell me if Dochy Farm is still there or marked?

What exactly was Red Rose Camp and will i find its location now?

While in the area can anyone suggest visible trench lines, craters or bunkers i could look at?

Once over there is it easy to get to these places of interest or should i know exactly where i am going before i set sail?

Alot of questions i know and very much appreciate any advice.

Kind regards Trev.

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Trev, you need to have a plan before you go or with the vast amount to see you will miss loads, get a guide both Iain McHenry and Chris Lock will do you proud i'm sure, and they are both forum members so contact is easy.

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I may be wrong but if you stand at the front gate of Dochy Farm Cemetery the actual farm in red brick (rebuilt) is on the other side of the road to the left - first group of buildings.

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Hello Trev

Polygon wood is such a peaceful place nowadays, the view from the top of the Butte gives an impressive sight of the Cemetery below , a walk around the wood is recommended, and the view back to Ypres gives an insight into why the Germans had the advantage of height across to Ypres.

Here is a comparison view of aerial view and trench map




...trench map view


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Thanks guys for your help, most appreciated. The more i research it the more interesting it becomes,seeing the devastation in those pictures really makes you think what they went through, its very saddening.

I think the trip will be more moving than i at first imagined.

Once again thanks for your help.

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