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Hi everybody,

My names MaryMc and I've just joined :)

I am in need of help please.

I have my Grand da's Medal record and this is what it says:


R. Inniskilling Fus. 25538

R. Mun. Fus. 15286

C of Drns. D/35974.

Victory - CC/103B12

That's all.

No mention of Theatre of war.

And no mention of a British Medal although I know he had one as I saw it years ago (Ufortunately, when my Da divorced his second wife, she biffed the Medals and the Pay Book in the bin).

He was born in Londonderry in 1897, athough to get in the Army, he told that he was born in 1895.

I don't know how long he served, but I have a photo of him in 1925 in India, so I know he was still in the Army then.

On his marriage cert (1931) he is a Labourer, so no longer in the Army.


With the info above, what can I do next?

EG: How do I find out his battalion etc?

I have been looking on The National Archives and The Long, Long Trail, and have gone round and round until near crying with frustraion at not being able to understand!

Please, can anyone give me some pointers?

Thanks in advance

MaryMc (New Zealand)

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Hello and welcome to the Forum, MaryMc

There is not a huge lot more you can do with the the information. Your next step would be to obtain a copy of the entry in the roll of the War and Victory medals. This is given by a code on the MIC. The roll is not online, though - someone will need to look it up for you at Kew. The roll should give his battalions.

If you look closely at the MIC it should show a ditto or something similar, indicating the issue of the War Medal as well as the Victory.

As he was still in the army in 1925, you should be able to obtain a copy of his full service record from the Army Personnal Centre at Kentigern House in Glasgow.

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Thanks for the welcome!

I can't see any dittos at all.

So if I need to get someone to have a look for me - how do I go about finding a reputable person?



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As Chris has said - contact the Army Historical Disclosures section and they should be able to supply you with quite a bit of information.




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Looks like I need to provide a cert of Kinship, so I'll need to write to one of his children for that.

And a copy of his death cert - sending for that now.

Thanks everybody, it's very much appreciated :)


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