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William Rees, York & Lanc Regiment - which Battalion?

Helen O

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Hi to everyone,

I am quite new to this and wondered if anyone could help me with my research.

I would like to know the Battalion which my great grandfather served with, so I can find out a little more about his military background.

He was born in Sheffield in 1875 and in 1901 he was resident at The Barracks in Pontefract, Y&LR.

It has been suggested to me that he may have been a pre-war Terretorial Force, and that he may have been with the 1/5th TF Battalion. A fellow researcher has kindly looked on Soldiers Died and found a Sgt Bellamy number 1101 KIA Sept 1915

who was 5th(TF) Batt, so this may suggest another link to the 5th. He also tells me that the Y+L TF provided volunteers for South Africa in 01/02 indicating it might be possible he was at Pontefract getting ready or returning from theatre??

I believe he was discharged under (paragraph) 392, (cause) xxi (of Kings Regulations), which I understand is termination of his period of engagement, but I don't know when he enlisted.

Would anyone know when was No. 1105 allocated?

Incidentally, I can find no record of William's death, but believe from my grandparents' marriage certificate that he was living in 1930.

Thanks to all for taking the time to read this and I'll keep my fingers crossed for a reply!!

Sorry I've just realised I'm not able to upload the medal card. But what it tells me is that William's Regimental No. was 1105 and that he was discharged on 31 March 1917 and awarded the SWB (Silver War Badge) and he entered France on 13th April 1915.

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That date could make him 1/4 th, 1/5th, 7th... quite a few so not much help sorry

to upload the card you need it less than 100 kb

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The fact that he was at the barracks in Pontefract on census night in 1901 strongly suggests that he was a pre-war regular, and therefore more likely to have been a reservist in 1914 rather than a terrier.

As a matter of interset, the TF was not formed until 1908, and it is therefore impossible for them to have sent troops to SA during the Boer War.


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Hi Andy,

That's interesting.

Like I said, I'm very new to this so please excuse my ignorance, but would a reservist join a TF force or the regulars - how does it work? In 1915, when in France, he would have been around 40 years old. Would a soilder of these years be usual? If say he had joined up on leaving school, how long would a regular usually serve?

I'd be interested to hear what you, or anyone else, thinks.


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