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Trench Locations and points


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Dear All

I am following up on some older discussion on the forum regarding trench locations and also 'points'.

Firstly I was looking for some guidance on locating the positions of Souchez II, Angres I , Angres 2 which I know has been discussed on the forum. I believe to be located probably NE of Souchez? Are they in fact trenches of just forward postions?

Can anyone guide me towards Trench maps showing these trenches in relation to current day? As far as I can tell the only way to get this info is at great expense from the Imperial War Museum, is that correct?

Secondly I see from the Battalion Diaries that particularly during offensives they use 'Points' such as 375-883 which I guess are specific points along the line at which attacks are carried out? Are there maps showing these in existence? Can points be located now?

Thanks in advance for any feedback and thanks to Jane already for some previous input.


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