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Photos of 36th division


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A couple of months ago I asked did anyone have any photos of 36th Ulster division. One person promised me some which haven't materialised. So I ask again, especially photos of the 15th batt.

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You can find many pictures of units of the 36th Division by visiting my websites below. Many more of individuals.

Suggest you visit the Ballymena site first and view 'The Ulster Division' section. Then the 'Battle of the Somme' section.

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Have done that before and got some good photos. I was really looking for some with names attached. I was promised one by another member of this forum quite some time ago, in fact he said he had a photo of a Sgt Stead of 15th batt. My GGrandfather had the same name ,rank and was in the 15th but sadly the photo never materialised even though I have reminded this person on a couple of occasions. More than a bit miffed I have to say, I was really looking forward to the photo as we only have one of him in the family. From letters and postcards I have others are mentioned and I would like to put some faces to names.

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