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My reply from CWGC

jay dubaya

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Hi folks,

I recently had a reply from the CWGC with regards to the burials of two relatives. All they can supply me with are map references. So...can anybody pin point them on the maps for me please.

57c. S.22.d.2.9 which I think is somewhere between the northern tip of Bernafey Wood and Quarry Cemetery, Montauban, which is where Great Uncle Levi now rests. Could this reference be what was Quarry Scottish Cemetery?

Sains Du Nord C.C. Ex. 57a.Q.6.d.2.5. Great Grandad Mogg now lies in St. Souplet Cemetery.

Any help with this would be very much appreciated, many thanks,

cheers, Jon

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Thanks Mick, the cemetery on the left of the map is Quarry Cemetery, just north of Montauban, don't suppose you know the name of the other?

cheers, Jon

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