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Passchendaele Day by Day Mk2 Howitzer


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Does any forum member know the number of the 15 inch Howitzer pictured on page 89 in Chris McCarthys book.

The caption reads RMA personnel load a 15 inch mark 2 howitzer named Grannie near ypres September 1917.

(could this be gun number 6 ?)

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Cheers Mick, how the caption reads i thought the guns may have had individual names relating to their numbers etc, and was trying at a long shot to match to earlier post to armourer samuel john cooper, have sent pm many thanks

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Hello Wulsten

The orbat for 16 Sep 1917 shows 4 and 8 Guns under Second Army and 6, 11 and 12 Guns under Fifth Army. Not all that much help, I'm afraid.

Incidentally the nickname Mother was given to the original prototype 9.2" howitzer, and also later to the sole such weapon serving in Italy. Granny was presumably given by analogy!


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According to Blumberg:

No. 6 Gun spent September 1917 "Near Boesinghe"; No 4 Gun was at "Ypres - Standing by. Dismounted on 8th ... re-mounted E. of Ypres."; No. 11 Gun was "W. of Ypres - Standing by." ; No. 12 Gun was at "Ypres. Standing by ... moved to position NE of Ypres by 14th."

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