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hello everybody,i just bought three ww1 replica medals and i want to get them inscribed.can any of you trll me what should be written on them.they are to replace my great uncles medals.he was a pte in the royal marines and was killed in action at zeebrugge on board the vindictive.i want to make sure they are are worded properly and i dont have a clue.any help would be greatly appreciated.thanks.

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Initial Surname

RMLI [or Other]

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Just a word of warning. I would be careful with a replica medal in that it is probably only gilt over a base metal. Getting it engraved (probably the only realistic method these days) will destroy the gilding and possibly lead to rapid deterioration of the the rim as the base metal reacts to the air.

An alternative suggestion would be to have the medals mounted for display - perhaps with a Vindictive cap tally - and record full details on a nice looking brass plaque and get the lot professionally framed. It will look much nicer!


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