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2nd Lt/Lt/Captain Clifford Charles Restarick Palmer - Somerset LI &amp


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Hi to all,

Just wondering how I can research him. Apart from going to the NA in London. I want to build as much background to him as I can prior to looking at his service record etc. I am just wondering what there is floating around for me to find with someones help. He has two entries in the London Gazette dated 1917 and 1937, and his medal card is on the NA website. What resources are available? Does anyone have access to Army Lists 1914 onwards? That kind of thing...

Thankyou to anyone who helps or even comments


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There is a posting on Ancestry from back in 2004 about a Palmer family from Devon that includes one family member called

Clifford Charles Restarick Palmer b 16th feb 1898- 2nd Feb 1976

I found it via a google name search

I am assuming that it is your posting but if not it might be worth getting in touch as the poster may have additional info for you ?


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