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Australian Navy

John Rice

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The Commonwealth took over the various naval forces of the Australian colonies at Federation and they were known as the Commonwealth Naval Forces. They became the RAN in 1911.

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Hi John - There's a very interesting Wiki article here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_th...Australian_Navy

Suggests the Commonwealth Naval Forces was formed on 1 March 1901 by amalgamating the six separate colonial navies and on 10 July 1911 King George V fixed his signature to the approval for the Royal Australian Navy and the ships now officially received the prefix "His Majesty's Australian Ship" (HMAS).

It's a good read with a long list of sources - but as always with Wiki - hopefully it is accurate!!

Best Wishes


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From memory, there's a good bit on this if you can find the Cerberus site - where you can enlist in the Victorian Navy to aid in her preservation.

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Ionia - Esskay - Gilgamesh

Thank you all for your replies to my Question. You have all been a big help. Also thank you Sue for the site you gave me and it will keep me busy for a while


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Guest rogersjr

The old colonial navies amalgamated on March 1 1901. From then on the ships names were prefixed with HMAS but the Royal was added to the Australian Navy until 1911.

John Rogers

Fleet Engineer (Victorian Navy)

website, research & Friends of the Cerberus President.


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Welcome to the forum and thanks John, that clears up a few queries.

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