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Tower of London

theresa musgrove

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My grandfather Thomas Brown Nicholson served in France for three years in the Royal Field Artillery. Family legend has it that on one visit back to Blighty, as a result of being late back from leave, he was banged up in the Tower of London. Could there be any truth in this? Was there any connection with the Tower and the RFA in this period?

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Welcome to the Forum Mimi,

I'm afraid that sounds like an exagerated story for a relitively minor offence. If they used it to bang up all who were late on leave they would have no room for Jewels! He could have been referring to the cells at the barracks where he was caught or at his home base.

The RFA Head Quarters were at Woolwich, several miles down stream and on the other side of the River Thames. The Tower is th HQ of the Royal Fusiliers and Yeoman Warders.

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