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RN Telegraphists Badge


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Whilst going through my books on the RN and RNAS I noticed there were two types of Wireless Telegraphist badges, one the winged Flash (see 2 examples below) and the other the letters W.T. Can any one explain the difference was ont type for RN and the other RNAS, I would be most grateful just to answer this niggling question.




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The badges you are showing are for a Telegraphist (star above) and Chief Petty Officer or Petty Officer Telegraphist (crown above). These display his rank; WT (Wireless Telegraphy) his discipline. There had previously been telegraphs (back to the Napoleonic relay stations) in the navy, but wireless was obviously a different discipline.

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Hello Ian

According to "Badges and Insignia of the British Armed Services" by May, Carman and Tanner, the letters W.T. alone, on a rectangular patch, were used by the RNAS. The "seaborne" navy used the badges you illustrated.


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