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Hotel in Gallipoli

Guest KevinEndon

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Guest KevinEndon

I believe we have a forum member who has a hotel near to or bang on the battlefield of Gallipoli, could a pal please point me in the direction of this chap or chapess please.


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Hello Kevin !

The person you are referring to is Eric Goossens aka The Plummed Goose. I can personally vouch for his establishment THE GALLIPOLI HOUSES - having been there last August with some other Forum Members.

Hope this helps.



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I'll fourth & fifth that - 'cos it's doubly the best place you could ever stay!

I'm still working on a way of becoming a permanent resident. :wub:

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Ah those nights on the 'Stargazers Terrace'. Just keep your eyes out for those Oi Oi Birds Eric keeps.

Can only sixth the comments above. Excellent stay with the most wondeful hosts.

Am also trying to think of a way to become a permanent fixture there.


Tim L.

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