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Private Frederick Fox 16425 Royal Sussex Regiment


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I have obtained the MIC for the above soldier (copy attached) and would like to find out more about him if possible. If someone on the forum can point me in the right direction, or even better already has some information then I would be extremely grateful.

Many thanks



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A quick look at the MIC shows his service in the Labour Corps. Coming after his service in the RSR I guess it may have been a result of being wounded and downgraded from frontline duty.

No entry in the theatre of war/date entered boxes could mean a 1916 or later conscription, as this info was largely omitted from thereon.

As you have his regimental number the next step would be to try for his army service record. These surviving 'burnt' documents are coming on line and should all be in place during next year.

Meantime maybe he received a pension. Have you checked Ancestry for any pension records?

If you know his home town, maybe a trawl through the local newspaper archives (local library) might bring up a note of his joining or (if I am correct) any wounding. The papers often carried casualty reports on then local servicemen.


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thanks for taking the time to reply. I have checked the WO 364 records on Ancestry without success. I hope to be able to call in at TNA when I'm next up in London early in the new year to look at WO 363 and also match the medal roll to the MIC which may give further details.

I do not have a birthplace for this man which rather rules out the local paper route. Do you know if there are any other records held anywhere for the RSR which might give enlistment details, etc?



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