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Brothers injured at Gallipoli - one buried in Cairo


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Hi All, hope somebody can help with this one.

William Collier (Lancashire Fusiliers, 9th Btn, pte 3290) died 16-08-1915 and is buried at the Cairo War Memorial Cemetry according to the CWGC. The site quotes that Cairo "became the main hospital centre for Gallipoli in 1915".

So, I've summized that he obviously took part in the Suvla Bay, Gallipoli landing on the 7 August 1915, was wounded/injured and then transferred by hospital ship to Cairo where he later died.

I would like to ask - will there be any hospital records? How can I found the extent of this soldiers wounds?

Williams younger brother was Ernest Joseph Collier (Lancashire Fusiliers, 9th Btn, pte 3527) who was also wounded in action on the 7 August 1915 - but survived his injuries. His discharge/pension documents mention that he was discharged from Sutton-on-Hull.

My next question - is this place a barracks or a military hospital? If a hospital - again, will hospital records exist?



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Sutton-on-Hull may have been a War Hospital. In the Long Long Trail at top left of this page there is a link to these establishments,so.click on Long Long Trail then on Army and then scroll down to Army and other units and then down to Hospitals at home.

Best wishes


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Thanks for the tip Sotonmate but I couldn't find any connection with Sutton-on-Hull on the site.

I'll keep bashing away at Google - I may get lucky.


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