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1st South Staffs


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I am at a dead end looking for info on my great great grandfather.

I think he was too old for 14-18 but you guys have been really helpful in the past and I'm getting desterate!

Thomas (James?) Radford lived in Stoke on Trent but may have been born in Manchaster.


Born 1865/6 (died 1928) - believed to have been in the South Staffs

The photo was taken in Gibraltar (according to the mount). From what I can gather the South Staffs were in Gibraltar 1881-4 and in the 1890's. In the family he was always referred to as Sargeant Major Radford (though this may have not been based on fact!!).

He was listed as 'Reservist 1st Bttn South Staffs' on his sons birth certificate in Jan 1901 but he does not appear on the April 1901 census.

Could he have been with the 1st South Staffs in the Boer War at that time?.

Re the photo: Is he in 'dress uniform'?, Is the stripe a good service-type insignia? Does the small stick in his hand have any significance?

Any help with this would be gratefully received as my parents paid a military researcher to look him up and he found absolutely nothing!

I'll put this in the uniforms etc forum as well - If the mods feel that it's not appropriate please remove it.

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