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Help with a soldier attached to 42nd MGC


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I first posted this thread on the "units and formations" section, and was advised to try it on the "soldiers" section, so here goes!

I'm trying to find out which machine gun company my great uncle would have belonged to before the machine gun corps was established.

I understand that 125th, 126th and 127th brigade machine gun companies were formed into the 42nd MGC, but is there any way of finding out which one would have been his?



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We've established in Andy's earlier thread that the person was in Egypt in October 1915.

Andy - can you post his name?

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His name is Chris (C. W.) Watkiss, No. A/2000.

(He also appears as "G. W. Watkiss" on an mic, of which he also has one in the name of "Chris Watkiss")


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