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stan johnson

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Barry, the FALABA suffered a total of 47 crew casualties, 7 of which were picked up and buried ashore, the remaining 40 have no known grave and are commemorated on the Tower Hill Memorial.

Your man Trousdell does not appear on either list, so I assume he was a passenger.

Best wishes


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David, Martin.

Thank you very much for your help. I see he is listed as a passenger - returning to Nigeria from UK leave. His full name was William Hugh Cornwallis Trousdell. His three younger brothers served in WWI. One died, one was awarded an MC, and one a DSO and MC.

Thanks again, Barry

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A family who served their country well, and then some.

To round things off, here's a list of survivors from The Times. Like the casualty list, usual caveats apply about inaccuracies of newspaper reports, etc., etc.


Unfortunately the quality of this one is not great.



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Hi All

I found this site whilst looking for info on SS Falabar. My great great uncle was supposed to have been a survivor of the sinking. According to the family tale he turned up at the family home in his stocking feet. Donald Campbelle Mc Dougall was a merchant in the West Indies and I presume on his way home. I have go so much info from these postings already but wondered if anybody knew of more photos, particularly the 1st class passengers.

Thanks for any help. I am looking forward to investigating the site further.

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Here is one of the casualties who is just about to be submitted as a non commemorated



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Trousdell is commemorated on a family memorial in Boxley church Kent. His brother, AJ Trousdell served in 1 RIF with my grandfather.


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