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Died of disease


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My great granddad died in France in 1918 whilst serving with the 7th Manchesters. I've found his death certificate but all it says is 'died of disease'. Jack Morten was a lieutenant in the same battalion in France at the time and his letters home (published in 'I remain, your son Jack') reveal that he contracted flu shortly after my great granddad died. Is it a wild leap of faith to assume that my great granddad died of 'flu? Jack Morten's book doesn't suggest any action around the time I'm looking at, but maybe the absence of letters infers he was occupied elsewhere.

I've ordered a copy of the regiment battle diaries which may shed some light on it, but does anyone know of anywhere else I should be looking?



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Hello Andy,

My great uncle died in March 1917 of meningitis . (I've only just dicovered this since receiving his death cert from Southport). All of the men buried in his row have died of disease . Several from meningitis , and one was from a burst appendix . There seems to have been quite a lot of disease .

I sent for the death certificate because the Visitors book at the cemetery gave a cause of death for everyone except my great uncle .



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Hi Andy, I have a book on the 7th Manchesters during the Great War, I believe that your Great Grandfather, Thomas Haselwood of Cheetham is listed as 'died', there are other soldiers listed as 'died of sickness'.

If you want a copy of the above book PM me your snail mail and I'll stick a copy on a disc for yer,

cheers, Jon

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