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Boer & WW1 survivor look up please

Mike Hodges

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Evening all

I know what Im going to ask is going to difficult but it's worth a go.

Im researching a a friends Grandfather Arthur William White born London 1882. I dont know his Regiment or Regimental number I will be putting 2 photograph's of him on the "Identify Section" tomorrow to see if that helps with Regiment . All I know at the moment is that he survived the Boer War and The Great War and not a lot of men done that. He had a brother Pte Ernest Herbert White RAMC born 1891 London who also survvied WW1 Can anyone help if possible.



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There's an Arthur William White born 1878 in St Pancras on Ancestry (6 pages of his papers on there) - he was in the 14th battalion Suffolks with a regimental number of 291415.

He's listed as having a wife and two children (William Arthur born 1908 and Elsie Ethel born 1913).

No mention of previous service but then again, my great granddad who also served in the Boer war and WWI didn't have any other details of his previous service on his enlistment papers for WWI either.

But to be truthful there are several which could fill the criteria you describe above so a bit more information would be needed to identify him postively.

I have saved the images and if you feel they may be what you are after pm (with your email) me and I'd be pleased to forward them to you.

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Many thanks Pighills for your time and effort.

Ive got a bit more infomation on Arthur William White.The lady Im looking this up for Took a photograph to the NA a few years ago as was told that her Grandfather had been in a General Rifle Regiment wore a 5 clasp Queens Afica medal and King's South Medal colours without medal. Can anyone tell me how many Genernal Rifle Regiments there were. I am attempting to put a photo of A W White on the Identify Section Any help would be much apperciated


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I think it would be more appropriate to add the image here Mike.

To do so, you will need to have the image hosted on another site such as Photobucket. Once you've done that, right click and copy the appropriate link.

Next, click on the Add Reply button here then find the icon which looks like a postcard.

Click on that and paste your link in the pop up box and post your message as usual.

I'll come back later this afternoon and see how you've gotten on - if no-one else has come along in the meantime I'll have another look on Ancestry and see if there is anyone else meeting the criteria for you.

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Just been having a little think about this and it would seem to me that the photo you refer to was possibly taken shortly after his return from the Boer war and so may be of no help - did he have continued service or was he discharged and then signed up again when WWI broke out, do you know? As he wouldn't necessarily have been assigned to the same regiment if he signed back up.

Anyway, post it if you can and see if anyone can come up with anything.

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