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General Maxwell


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Tom Barbour was not happy in Egypt. By 18th January 1916 he records that he had no pay since 24th December, 'the men in bad mood going to strike soon'. He had 'been broke for 2 weeks, no smokes,' but 'damned officers with plenty'.

Anyway, after taking out their wrath ' men smashed up Egyptians shop last night. had been charged too much for goods wanted 2 1/2 for one small candle took all his goods inlcuding cash till" the South Afircan Brigade then went off to be inspected by General Maxwell on 19th January. At that stage the SAI was in Mex Camp about 6 miles from Alexandria.

Who was General Maxwell - I seem to recall he had come from India and did not cover himself with glory in Egypt but what was his background?



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