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HMS "city of Perth"


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on my mans rnr service records it says "city of perth"

it would seem that "city of Perth" was a drifter that became a shore based depot in oct 1916

before this it was a drifter auxiliery can anyone tell me where it went?

i was under the impression that my man was shore based at brightingsea from enlistment untill he was taken to pembroke hospital (died 17/1/17phuemonia) but he was awarded a trio of medals star , victory, british.

am i right in thining that you are only awarded a a british medal if you "left your native shore"?

or have i got that all wrong?

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To get British campaign medals you had to enter a qualifying war zone. For the Navy that could include UK shore bases, but that would only qualify them for a British War Medal. At sea for the Navy was a war zone, but not for the Army, so the naval forces for Gallipoli qualified for their medals on leaving port, the army units when the landed!

For your man to have received the 1914/1915 star he had to enter a war zone before 31 Dec 1915, so if he was serving on His Majesty's Drifter "City of Perth" by that date then that was where he qualified for the medals. He could be based at Brightingsea, but if that was for the auxiliary patrol he would probably go to sea.

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Lisa, re CITY of PERTH ;

SIZER John E N/E Lt. RNR 84S075 City of Perth

C-in-C Nore 06.04.18 Gazetted

Auxiliary Patrols 01.01.17 - 31.01.17 M in D

He has been employed as a Boom Officer on the Swin Defences since the 2nd August, 1916.

He has consistently displayed conspicuous zeal, and ability in this arduous work.

His unfailing energy, cheerfulness and foresight under many difficulties have proved an example to those under him.

One of 4 for C of P. KOKO Sadsac

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