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Soory to repeat the same thread from another link, but I aven't had any luck in 'Chit Chat' so I thouhgt I'd try here...

I wonder if any forum members can be of any help? I have a lesson to give on the naval race between Britain and Germany as a cause of the First World War. I am desperately trying to find some archive footage of the British or German fleets, ships being launched, the Dreadnoughts at sea etc but cannot find any! I know there's lots because I have seen it in the past! Even 'You Tube' is lacking on this occasion! I don't mind the source of the footage provided that it's pre-First World War and involves - in some form - the British or German fleets.

Any links to any websites containing sources illustrating the threat of the German naval build up (something like 'Punch' for example) would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Try www.britishpathe.com inputting whatever search criteria you feel, such as "dreadnought", etc.

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