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Gunner Alfred Sharman RFA


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My Great Uncle, Gunner Alfred Sharman 106286, 50th Bty., 34th Bde, Royal Field Artillery is buried in the Ovillers New Communal Cemetery, Solesmes.

I have two queries.

A local newspaper article and the medal records give the date of his death as the 3rd November 1918. His headstone and the CWGC records give the date as the 8th November 1918. How has this anomaly occurred? Interestingly another member of his unit is buried alongside him, with his date of death given as 3rd November.

My second query relates to the whereabouts of Alfred when he died. Can anyone shed any light on the movements of Alfred's unit in the last days of the war?

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Hi Paul, welcome to the forum :D

SDGW shows Alfred as being KiA on 3rd November 1918, born Rothwell, Northampton and enlisted in Kettering. I suspect that the anomily could be a transcription error within the CWGC data. Have you downloaded a copy of Alfred's MIC? (clickety click)

The 50th Bty was a regular unit at the outbreak of the war, it joined the 34th Bde. RFA within the 2nd Division at Aldershot on 4th August 1914, the whole division was moved to France the same month. The 50th Bty remained with the division until the 25th January 1917 when the whole brigade became an Army Field Artillery Brigade. I can't really help with the movements of the brigade after this date, it may be worth a look at the NA for the brigades war diary (other forum members may be able to help you with the ref. no.) Hope this helps and good luck,

cheers, Jon

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Thanks for your prompt reply Jon.

Yes I have already downloaded the MIC which gives the date of death as the 3rd November. I'm guessing that the CWGC transcribed the 3 as an 8 as they could look very similar in handwriting :unsure:

According to the NA, the 34 Brigade Royal Field Artillery diaries (WO 95/1324) only cover 1914 August - 1917 April. Am I right in thinking, from what you have written, that the diary for the 34 Army Field Artillery Brigade (WO 95/385), which covers 1917 May - 1919 April, should be the one to look at?


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