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HMS Prince Edward in the Agean - was she sunk?


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A friend of the family, Stoker A. Chambers, was killed on 27th June 1917 while serving on HMS Prince Edward. Anyone know what happened to her?

Peter Sloan

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HMS Prince Edward survived the war to be broken up in 1920. She was a Packet Steamer called into service during the war.

P.S. PRINCE OF WALES launched 14-4-1887 Gross Tonnage 1,547.2 Length (OA) 341.6ft' Pass, Acc Ist Class 1088. 3rd Class 458 Trial speed 24:25 knots. Bought by the Steam Packet Co on 23-11-1888, she was faster than her sister ship P.S. QUEEN VICTORIA sailing in 1897 from the Rock Light, New Brighton to Douglas Head in 2 hours 59 minutes. an average speed of 23.5 knots. Renamed H.M.S. PRINCE EDWARD when requisitioned by the Admiralty in 1915. She acted as a Boom Defence and Anti-Submarine vessel. Her war duties took her as far away as the Eastern Meditenanean and she saw action in the Gallipoli Campaign at one time accompanying another Steam Packet Co ship SNAEFELL. Until eventually broken up 1920



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The paddle netlayer Prince Edward survived the war to be sold in 1920. As he was a meber of the Royal Naval Reserve, his service details are not online. Microfiche copies are held at Kew in BT 377/7 and the originals are at the Fleet Air Arm Museum.


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In mid-1915 the Prince Edward and the Queen Victoria were the special net-layers which put in place the submerged net boom protecting the anchorage at Kephalos on the island of Imbros.

I can't say what the Prince Edward was doing in 1917, but as far as I know Kephalos was used up until the end of the war. It could be that the net there was still her responsibility in 1917, but that would only be a guess on my part



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Initials: A

Nationality: United Kingdom

Rank: Stoker

Regiment/Service: Royal Naval Reserve

Unit Text: H.M.S. "Prince Edward"

Date of Death: 27/06/1917

Service No: 3893 (S)

Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead

Grave/Memorial Reference: III. G. 206.


It seems unlikely that he was killed, Peter. Wouldn`t disease be more likely?

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