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32nd Battalion Middlesex Regiment


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I'm seeking information on the 32nd Battalion Middlesex Regiment.

They were at Gorleston-on-Sea in 1918.

Can anyone help on what their duties might have been whilst stationed there?

Thank you,


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Did you ever get an answer to your question? I have recently been investigating the activities of a second lieutenant who joined the 32nd Middlesex at Gorleston after seeing active service with 2/20th London.  Any answers you might have would be gratefully received.




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Welcome to the Forum


32nd Batt. Middlesex Regiment was formed  from the 63rd Provisional Battalion at Great Yarmouth on 1 Jan 1917 and allotted to the 225th Brigade.


225th Brigade.

19th Bn Queen’s. 01 Jan 1917 - 11 Nov 1918. 
11th Bn Bedfordshire Regt. 01 Jan 1917 - 11 Nov 1918. 
15th Bn Essex Regt. 01 Jan 1917 - May 1918. 
18th (Home Service) Bn Essex Regt. 27 Apr 1918 - 11 Nov 1918. 
32nd Bn Middlesex Regt. 01 Jan 1917 - 11 Nov 1918.


They had the dual roles of Training and Home Defence. At Gorleston this would have been a coastal defence role within the Great Yarmouth area.


Hope this helps 



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