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Linda Martin

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This is a photo of William Henry HICKS born 1876 in Kent, still with his family in 1891, but I cannot find him in 1901 or beyond.

Any thoughts of what uniform this would be - I know the photo is not clear! He appears to be quite a young man so perhaps taken about late 1890's?

Thank you, Linda

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Hello Linda,

Due to the fact that 'Hicks' is wearing the 'Topi' or undress cap, and carrying a 'swagger stick' or 'undress cane' (issued to all ranks pre-WW1), the uniform being worn is the No.2 Dress (walking out dress), which is the intermediate between Field Uniform and Full Dress (Parade).


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There are far more knowledgable folks on this forum than I concerning this type of uniform. However, I would say that he is wearing a Serge Frock and peakless forage cap which would date this photo no later than 1902 and your estimate of the 1890's would be very applicable.

Unfortunately, everything is too indistnct for my eyes to narrow anything down more than that.

Hope this helps and that one of the more knowledgable people chimes in,.

Joe Sweeney

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