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Remembered Today:

Destroyers: HMS Mons and Martial


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I have found photos of these two ships on www.battleships-cruisers.co.uk., but the images are not very good.

Does anyone have any other photos or perhaps a postcard?

I believe that both ships were present at Jutland as part of the 11 Destroyer flotilla. Did they stay with the same flotilla for the remainder of the war?

Is anthing known of their service after Jutland?

Many thanks,


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Don't know if this will help much,

1916 (May - before Jutland)

10th Flotilla (Harwich and Dover) Nimrod, 2 'T' class, 15 'M' class.

11th Flotilla (Cromarty) Kempenfelt, 16 'M' class.

12th Flotilla (Scapa) Faulknor, Marksman, 16 'M' class.

13th Flotilla (Rosyth) 11 'M' class (+ 5 to Join).

14th Flotilla (Scapa) Being formed of new 'M' class.

November 1918


Mandate Marne Martial Michael Milbrook Minos

Moresby Nicator Ossory Pelican Pigeon Magic

Manners Medway Mindful Mons Mounsey Mystic

Musketeer Beagle Foxhound Basilisk Grampus Renard


Attached - Express Osprey Thorn Wolf

Info from this site,



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Thanks for the info Donny,

Are there any other photos out there of these ships?



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