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Can anyone point me in the right direction to find more information on a F J WATHEN i have his victory medal no T4-042490. DVR F J WATHEN A S C

Also a PRIVATE A E MULLINS 028381 ROYAL ORDNANCE CORPS who died 28th January 1919 and is buried in the military cemetery Sangatte. i was wondering if i could get a copy of his service record??

Many thanks for your time wendy j

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welcome Wendy

F J Wathen link - click here

not too sure if this is your AE Mullins (as service number you give does not match, but NA says their one is incomplete anyway).. see what you think

Possible AE Mullins

It is best to obtain the Medal Index Cards (downloadable for 3.50 each) from the NA (national archives). They will tell you where to look at the NA for any surviving records. One step at a time!

Other people are so much more in the know on here than I am ... I think someone will be along to help you out soon....hopefully..........


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Thank you Susan, A E MULLINS this is the correct record for him. i have all the photos, medal's in the original packaging Which i will check out with the records from the NA i also have the death penny and other paperwork as well. the address given by the CWGC matches up. i also found that where he is buried in sangatte was for the burials from the base hospital at calais. as he died on the 28th january 1919 (he must have died from his wounds but not sure about that).

I need to do some more work for F J Wathen as i only have the victory medal and no other paperwork but its a start.

Thanks again for your help wendy

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