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Does Anyone Recognise This Building


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Greetings to all,

The attached photo shows my Grandfather with a group of fellow patients, I believe it was taken September/October 1917 after Francis was gassed whilst serving with a Royal Engineers Tunneling company. The reverse of the postcard says "carte postale"

any ideas?

thanks for reading this far



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Nice picture - I cannot really help with the building location - except by style to suggest that it looks a lot like some of the bigger buildings now used as casinos and hotels in some of the seaports. Had a bit of a go at cleaning it up though.


Actually looking at it again, and at the risk of sounding silly, - is it possible it is a backdrop rather than a real building, the men are obviously lit from the top right...(see shadows) the buildings windows seem to be lit from top left in terms of shadows....

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