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York & Lancaster private, in the RND

Roger Thompson

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Hi there Pals,


This as been bugging me for ages, I now have a copy of my grandads service record, and there's no mention of him being transferred or attached to the Royal Naval Division, yet I have a copy of his attestation paper into the RND.

He was originally attested to the York and Lancashire Regiment27/08/1914 Regiment number 11424, then on the 11/05/1916 the RND Attestation paper was forwarded to O/c No.4.Section, Infantry Records, York.

His original Battalion with the Y&L was 7th battalion Pioneers, but he also qualified as a signaller with the crossed flags above the cuff.

Any help with this mystery is more than gratefully acccepted.

Cheers Roger.

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A name might help...and perhaps you could give a few more details of the service record?


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Have a look the page "Kitchener's Marines" here http://www.jackclegg.com/

quote " Approx. 2500 'Kitchener's men' were transferred from the Army to the RNVR in this way. They all came from North Country Regiments (the Durham Light Infantry, Northumberland Fusiliers, Sherwood Foresters, York & Lancs. & KOYLI)"

and as Noel says, a name would help to take us/you forward



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Yes Roger

As Micheal says

Ive got some record somewhere of 200 early joiners from KOYLI Been transferred to RND.Ill try and locate it for the dates.


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Hi there Pals,

Grandads name was William Thompson, 11424 York & Lancaster Regiment, as I spoke about yesterday, in 1916 he was attested into the RND or RNVR still bearing the 11424 Y&L Regimental number, which now makes me think that possibly he was on attachment the the Navy.

This is bourne out by the fact that in 1918 in the History Book of the 7th Battalion Y&L he is shown as bieng injured by shell fire, so he was back with them(Y&L) then.

So the Big question is what was he doing bieng with them, could it be anything to do with signals, puzzling or what.

Cheers Roger.

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It is difficult to take this further without his (RND) service number. Can you post it from his "RND" attestation. From what you describe, he was attested into the RNVR, not into the RMLI Short Service. In the latter case he would have an RM attestation paper.

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This is his RND card from TNA search page:-

Image details

Description Name Thompson, William

Service Number(s): 11424

Rank or Rating: York and Lancaster Regiment

Date of Birth: 1891

A Barnsley man, from 24 John St., Wombwell. Born Darfield 1891.

Don't bother purchasing the RND card online, it says nothing more than you already know.

His attestation was likely forwarded to the RND Records along with loads of other Y&Ls transfers in September 1914. This was either an error, or he somehow changed his mind about joining the RND/RNVR and remained with the 7th Y&Ls in 1914.

He was not allocated an official RNVR number & the attestation sheet was found amongst a number of similar micellaneous army attestations & returned to the Y&Ls in 1916.

Here is a listing of similar cases:-

KW/966 OS Jos. BEAUMONT b. Hoyland Common, Barnsley.

Wife: Mrs. L. Beaumont, 70 Duncan St., Canklow, Rotherham.

Enl: 2/9/14. A Miner. 8/9/14 Joined Benbow Bn. E/3/861.

23/10/14 Left 1st RN Bde. Walmer for Pontefract. Now KOYLI.

Did not enroll in RNVR. Assigned a KW No. for record purposes.

KW/968 OS Daniel COOK Left Walmer for Pontefract 23/10/14, now York & Lancs.

Did not enroll in RNVR, assigned a K.W. number for record purposes.

KW/969 OS Fred CROSSLAND NOK: Mrs H.S. Crossland, 31 Townfield Rd, Pennystone Rd, Sheffield.

8/9/14 Entered in Benbow Bn. 23/10/14 Left 1st RN Bde. Walmer, for Pontefract; now KOYLI.

Did not enroll in the RNVR; assigned a KW/No. for record purposes. Not listed on RNVR Medal Roll.

KW/971 OS Oliver COWLING Drake Bn.

Refused to enrol in Drake Bn. & disc. to Pontefract 17/1/15. Rejoined KOYLI.

3/2341 Pte. 2nd Bn. KOYLI to France 17/2/15, DOW 13/1/18 (only one Oliver Cowling in army).

1914 Star: No address. Retd. to R.Mint March 1934. (ADM171: ST.V.B.= ?)

KW/973 OS Albert ELLIS Drake Bn. 8/9/14 ; 23/10/14 Back to Pontefract for York & Lancs.

KW/974 OS Wm. EARNSHAW Drake Bn. 1914. 1914 Star: Widow Mrs. E. Earnshaw 28/6/20. V.B. = By WO.

KIA 8/5/15 as 12912 Pte. 1st Bn. York & Lancs. Refused to enrol in Drake Bn. & disc. to Pontefract 16/1/15.

KW/975 OS Henry ESSEX Drake Bn. Antwerp 1914

Refused to enrol in Drake Bn. & disc. to Pontefract York & Lancs Regt. 16/1/15.

Assigned a KW/No. for record purposes. Later: York & Lancs. Pte. 13339

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Hi there John,

I'm endebted to you for the magnificent and comprehensive reply, that clears one of the last mysteries up.

Once again thank you very much.

Cheers Roger.

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Jolly pleased to have helped out for a Barnsley K-nut

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