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Recently pulled the MIC for a Gt Grandfather Robert James Berry, who was a Farrier by trade and served (I believe) in the RFA during the war as a Driver.

His MIC states he served in the RFA IN 1B Reserve Battalion, but I am not sure what this was ?

On his MIC it has no medals listed or dates, which I thought there should be. Were MICs created for those not awarded medals ? It lists what looks like a medal issue number as LIST ra/3606 inthe bottom of teh MIC which I thought meant he was issued medals, thus served abroad ?

It also states that he was discharged on the 10th June 1915, after his enlistment being dated 6th Jan 1915.

Para 392(xii)KR I think is twhats written as the discharge reason.

Any help very welcome.



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The MIC is for the Silver War Badge and normally awarded when a serviceman was no longer fit for service as a result of wounds or sickness.

Obviously he never served overseas and hence the MIC is restricted to the SWB.

KR 392 (xii) is discharge by reason of penal servitude - so I think it is xvi - no longer physically fit.



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