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Help with Medal Card


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Hello, I am seeking some help deciphering the writing on my Grandfather's medal card.

My Grandfather is John Harvey and was in the 4th Btn Royal Fusiliers with the number 10434.

He entered theatre of war on 11/11/1914

Was at some time promoted to Sgt

I believe the Roll and Page refer to the entries for the award of medal.

He died on 16th June 1915 (at Belwarde).

I have uploaded the area I am having problems with, unfortunately the quality is not very good.




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Mick, I'll have a stab at part of it.

I think it says something like "1914 Star brought to change C.R.V. 390... "then probably the date "29-6-30 (or 20?)"

followed by

"Rank amended Star..." and then a number (presumably of the new Star)

and the date in the last line is 20-7-30 (or 20?). The other notations are file numbers.

What I suggest is that the rank on the original 1914 star was incorrect. The Star was not authorised until 1917, after your g-f's death, so presumably the next-of-kin (your grandmother?) had the rank changed in 1930 (1920?) and a new Star was issued.

I hope that I'm not too far off the mark!


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