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Notre Dame de Lorette museum

Bob Chandler

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Can anyone let me know whether the museum will still be open in the first week of December? And if so, is it worth a look? Am trying to incorporate a museum visit into our forthcoming trip but of course am finding that a lot of the places I want to go to aren't open that late in the year (e.g. Zonnebeke, Calais war museum, etc). Am a bit dubious about trusting web sites that give entrance fees in Francs!

Many thanks

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Guest KevinEndon

I hope it will be open as it is well worth a visit. Don't believe all that you see though when it comes to the close proximity of the trenches, I believe they are a little fake. Enjoy what you see and keep out of the woods to the right they have never been searched.


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We visited on the 13th November. Neither the cafe nor the museum were open.

Had a look around but could not see any signs to give opening times.

However, I still find the cemetery and church well worth the time in visiting.

Kind regards


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December and January will find most museums closed in France.

As to is it worth a visit? Notre Dame and David's sister museum at La Targette have always been my favourite two museums on the French battlefields. A quite incredible personal collection.

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I believe they are a little fake

You're right, they are not original trenches outside !

But it's true that the collection of Mr Bardiaux (the owner of Notre Dame de Lorette & La Targette museum) is fantastic.


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