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Remembered Today:

Pte. Daniel Donoghue, Reg.#7883

Mike Donoghue

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I finally managed to confirm my Granddad's regimental number. My Uncle, a WW2 Vet just moved into a Veterans Home and found his fathers discharge papers during the move. Daniel Donoghue reg. # 7883 served with the Royal Munster Fusliers and went into France with the B.E.F. on August 13 1914. His military record shows he served in France for 14 days then spent the next 4 yrs and 112 days as a POW in Germany. I imagine he was taken POW at Etreux. Finding Daniels reg. # has confirmed much speculation and valuable info I managed to get from previous postings many months ago. Thanks to those who helped then. I managed to find Daniel's military career starting in 1903 and ending around 1920. The few questions I have now are as follows:

What would have been the approximate size of the BEF around the time of Daniels capture at Etreux on Aug 26 1914 ?

I know of the Munster's rear guard action at Etreux. How far did the BEF fall back from Mons before it managed to hold it's position or retreated no further ?

I understand most Irish POW's were taken to Limburg POW camp in Germany. Is this the best guess or could I find out which camp it was exactly ?

Daniel apperantly had a brother in the RMF, probably David Donoghue. To date I've been unable to confirm his Reg.# as I can't find any personal info on Daniel's parents. Any suggestions ?

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If you go to the Long Long Trail and see the first two battles,here:

http://www.1914-1918.net/bat1.htm and then http://www.1914-1918.net/bat2.htm

you will get an idea of the size of the BEF as I think the total strength at that time is listed.

Edit:Having written that I have remembered the book by Richard Holmes (current bedtime reading,and I check under the bed before dropping off-no pickelhaubes in sight yet !) called The Western Front,in which he writes "the BEF went to war about 100,000 strong,with a large Cavalry Division and four Infantry Divisions (1,2,3,and 5;4 joined later)"

Best wishes


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