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I'm trying to track my grandfarthers war exploits.

Arthur R Ore no 266780 MIC shows RWarks R.He was thought to be in the 7th bat although other records show 1/6th or 16th

He enlisted in 1915 and was living in Stratford upon Avon.I think his original number would have been different to the one above...which I understand was issued later.

I know he was wounded and was hospitalised for sometime before going back

Can anyone help me find out what his original number was?...why the number change?...can I find out when and/where he was injured?...can I confirm which batn. he was in?..does the number indicate which batn he was in?..

I have reached a brick wall and any help would be much appreciated


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Most likely to be 1/7th Royal Warwicks (Territorial)

The nearest numbers of any Royal Warwicks killed are...

266755 1/7

266756 1/7

266769 2/7

266781 2/7

266791 1/7

266798 1/7

266804 2/7

266809 1/7

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Firstly you might get confirmation from the actual Medal Roll which is in the WO329 series at the National Archives. Are you quoting his MIC detail from the WO372/15 file on line,or do you actually have a copy of the MIC microfiche ? If you have the fiche copy the jumble of letters and numbers against Victory and BW Medals will translate to the WO329 ledger which has a good chance of showing the Bn. For the moment that is only readable at Kew.

If he was 1/7,and the numbers of Alan is a powerful argument,then his Bn (1/7?),along with 3 other Warwickshire TF Bns,including 1/6 which was one of your possibilities,was part of 48th (South Midland) Division. See this from the Long Long Trail (top left of this page):


You say that his number may have changed,well there was a re-numbering in 1917 to a six digit series. Also in respect of your comment that other Bns were in the frame,and he was wounded,it is highly likely that once recovered from wounds he was drafted into the next convenient Bn,often even a different Regiment,but seemingly in his case the same one if your suspicions are correct.

By the way,the first number in Alan's list of killed,which I checked at random is a Corporal J H TYLAR of the 1/7th R Warks,but I didn't find him on the CWGC site,as I was looking to see where he was buried/commemorated and there might have been a narrative to support some of the Division's,if not the Bn's, actions at the time. This in turn may have given a clue as to your GFs wounding.

The War Diary for 1/7 RW is at Kew under WO95/2756 and this covers March 1915 to October 1917. If all else fails you might have to read this,or if you are really lucky,someone here might have all or some of it's contents !

Best wishes


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I have the 1/7th War Diaries if a fairly specific query is made. Also see 'By God they can fight' by Peter Caddick Adams; a history of the Birgade which contained the four Warwicks Territorial battalions.

My first number BTW - 266755 - is Private John Stanley Beard. Killed 5.10.1917

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Sven, if you go here:http://www.1914-1918.net/TF_renumbering_infantry.htm

you will see that the number 266780 was a number allocated during the renumbering of the Territorial Force to members of the 7th Battalion. So he was certainly in the 7th Battalion in early 1917.

Have you actually downloaded the Medal Card? The ones I have usually show both the number on enlistment and the new number from 1917.


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