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Army form jargon / abbreviations


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Hi Guys,

I'm trying to decipher the attached Army form, from a soldier's WW1 records.

I can make out that he was in Hospital at Le Treport & Huddersfield, but that's about all. Can't make out the wound (top line) & as for all the combinations of letters & numbers, haven't got a clue.

Any help making sense of any it would be appreciated


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W (wound) Contusions head lacerations

47th General Hospital Le Treport (On the French coast)

Med sheet to o/i/c documents sent to Officer in charge War Hospital Huddersfield

Next section refers to Army Form numbers and that they have been completed and sent to Records Office at Chelsea

B103 is the notification to NOK

and the last is a similar list of army forms detailing wounds and treatment etc


Tyneside Chinaman

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I agree Tom, it most probably is "Severe", though the first letter looks like an "L"

Now I wonder, does anyone have any photos of Huddersfield War Hospital, or 47th General Hospital, Le Treport?

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