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20th Division


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I have a soldier who died Christmas Eve 1916, he was a member of 20th Division ammunition column,

Does anyone know where they were around this time, or any info on 20th Division ammunition column in general

many thanks


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The War Diary comes under this title:


and is WO95/2110 which covers the period Jul 1915 to April 1919.

The page in the Long Long Trail for 20 Division doesn't give any help on where the Div and it's accolytes were positioned for the day you are looking for,unless we take it that it didn't move on after the end of the Somme in Nov 1916.

Best wishes


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Divisional History (Capt V E Inglefield) comments that the division was in the Line (and a rotten line, too) south and south west of le Transloy. Artillery in the Morlancourt area, with only the 93rd Brigade under 20th Division orders. All artillery were relieved on Xmas Day.

Conditions were awful - for example it took 7 and a half hours to get a stretcher from Company to Battalion HQ!

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