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Index to Walsall newspaper

Sue S

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Hi Neil, Thomas Perry does not appear in the index and as far as I can see, does not appear on Walsall Roll Of Honour. The copy of the Roll that I have is the one which was published in the newspaper in July 1919 following months of appeals for names for inclusion on the Walsall War Memorial plaques in the Town Hall.

There is a Pte E. Walker Lancashire Fusiliers of 77 Teddesley St Walsall on the Roll Of Honour and there is an entry in my index for Ezekiah Walker of Teddedley Street who I presume is the same man. His photograph appears in the newspaper on 8-4-16. and it says that he is presumed dead. As you probably know it can be months or even years after someone goes missing before they are reported presumed dead.

Frank Griffiths also appears on the Roll of Honour Sgt Lancashire Fusiliers of 122 Blue Lane West Walsall. There are several entries for him in my index. The first 31-7-1915 when he is in the newspaper because he has returned to the front, then 7-7-1917 when he was missing and then 16-2-1918 reporting that he had been killed. There is also another entry which could be him but there is no address given. It was on 29-4-1916 and the photo of him and 2 of his brothers was included.

Ther is often a paragraph of information to accompany the photos so if you intend to contact alsall Local History Centre for copies I would suggest that you ask them to copy the report rather than the photo as they will probably the same photo for each entry. Best Wishes Sue

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Hi Dorrie. There is an entry for C. Edwards of Blakenall Lane. He is listed as killed and his photograph appears in the Walsall Observer 4-9-1915. I have a copy of the page on which the photograph appears but there is no accompanying article unfortunately. The caption underneath the photograph says Lance Corporal C. Edwards 1/5th South Staffords 229, Blakenall Lane Killed in Action. It is possible that the report of his death was in an edition before or after the photo. Hope that this is of help. Sue S.

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Hi Sue,

Interested in anything relating to the Motteram brothers-Arthur (wounded on 13/10/15 and killed in 1918) and Harold who also served with the 1/5th S.Staffs until transferred to the MGC later in the war.


Anthony :D

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I would like to now if there is any info of John (Jack) Price Painter M.M. He came from Shire Oak, Walsall Wood. He originally enlisted into the Worcester Regiment in 1915 and gave a false age. He was discharged in November 1915 as under age. However he won a Military Medal with the Royal Fusiliers (service number 75761) in October 1918.

If I can cheekily stick my nose in.... Having acquired this week a copy of The Roll of the Great War for Walsall and District there may be some names I can help with and Jack Painter is one of them.

Address: Salter's Road, Walsall Wood

Joined up March 15, discharged Jan 19

MM, General Service and Victory Medals

Three wound stripes

Sent to France 17, engaged in the Big Push, wounded in left arm at Bourlon Wood and sent to Ireland on recovery.

On returning home was presented with Gold Watch and Illuminated Scroll by residents of the parish.

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could you let me know of any Coldstream Guards please -


Initials: A

Joined October 15

General Service and Victory Medals

To France May 16, saw action at Arras, Cambrai and Ypres. Reported missing in German Spring Offensive.

Private address: Lichfield Road, Brownhills

I will check through the Roll for any other Coldstream Guards (benefits of being bed-ridden with nothing better to do!) :rolleyes:

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Various Coldstream Guards from the Walsall Roll. First 100 pages checked will do the remaining 100 pages asap.

I have put in some ?? where the information may be incorrect.

Guardsman H Birch

55, New Street, Shelfield

Joined 11th December 15

Discharged 12th April 19

Victory Medals

Served at Caterham for 3 months then transferred to Irish Guards, Warley Barracks, Brentford (??), Essex.

Cpl C E Humphries

3rd Coldstream Guards

Joined 21st Sept 14

Discharged 18th Dec 18

General Service and Victory Medals

One wound stripe

Served in France from 19th April 15 until 19th Nov 15

Came home for operation and back to France Sept 16

Wounded in arm and back on Somme Sept 17 (??)

At base until Jan 18 when back to front line

Returned home with poisoned foot

Discharged from Windsor Barracks

Address: Mill Green, Aldridge

Guardsman T Wood

Joined Dec 14

Discharged Jan 19

1915 Star, General Service and Victory Medals

To France Sept 15, saw action on SOmme, Ypres, Loos, Arras and Bourlon Wood where he was gassed and sent to Base Hospital

Returned to front on recovery

Address: Friezland Lane, Brownhills

Pte W Bentley

2nd Coldstreams

Joined Oct 14

Holds 14 Star, General Service and Victory Medals

To France April 15, saw action at Ypres, Arras and Bapaume (??). Received gun shot wounds to the thigh on the SOmme which fractured femur. Died at No. 5 Hospital, Rouen, Sept 16

Address: Lindon Road, Brownhills

Pte G Stokes

Joined May 18

Discharged Dec 18

Enlisted at Walsall sent to Lichfield then Caterham.

Engaged on home service

Address: Coppice Side, Brownhills

Pte J Mellor

Joined Apr 18

Discharged Dec 18 (Aldershot)

Enlisted at Walsall, to Caterham then Windsor

Home service

Address: Allbutts Road, Brownhills

Pte S Moorcroft

Joined 24th April 18

Discharged 14th Dec 18

Caterham and Windsor

Address: 56, Parker Street, Bloxwich

Guardsman B Cotterill

Joined Apr 18

Discharged Dec 18

Caterham and Windsor

Sent back as miner to work in pits

Address: High Street, Brownhills

L/Cpl J Wright

Joined 4th Sept 14

Discharged 22nd Mar 19

14-15 Star, General Service and Victory Medal

One wound stripe

Trained at Caterham and Windsor

Saw service in France, Belgium and Germany - Hinges, Givenchy, Brickfields La Vinchy (Cuinchy?) where wounded invalided home for 4 months.

Back for Loos, Somme, Ypres, Cambrai, Bullecourt, Arras, Marburg and Occupation Army

Address: High Street, Chasetown

Guardsman A Hackett

Joined 3rd Apr 18

Discharged 4th MAr 19

General Service and Victory Medals

Caterham, to France and wounded at Mulberg (??) 4th Nov 18. To hospital at Saffron Walden

Address: 21 Gaia Lane, Lichfield.

Sapper J Houlston

Coldstreams and RE

Joined 09

14-15 Star, General Service and Victory Medals

AT Mons with Guards then 1st Ypres, Festubert and Givenchy

Worked on first experimental mine and tunnelled under German lines at Brickfields, Cuinchy.

Address: Muckley Corner, Lichfield.

Pte D Cashmore

Joined Dec 14

14-15 Medal, General Service and Victory Medals

At Loos, Ypres, Somme, Cambrai (??) Reported missing Apr 17 and officially notified kia, place unknown, Mar 18

Address: 9, Four Oaks Commoon Road, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield

Pte F Proffitt

Joined Sept 14

Discharged 1st July 17

14-15 Star, General Service and Victory Medals

One wound stripe

Brickfields, Givenchy, La Bassee, Festubert, Vermelles, Cambrian (??). Armentieres. Bomb wound at Cambrian (??) losing right eye. Invalided home and discharged.

Address; high Street, Chasetown

Guardsman O Upton

Joined 2nd May 17

Discharged Dec 19

Lichfield, Caterham, Garrison duty at Windsor Castle

Address: 11 John Street, Chadsmoor, Cannock

Guardsman C J Darby

Joined 1st May 18

Victory Medal

Trained at Grantham for 6 months

Transferred to Machine Gun Guards (?) to Caterham and Pirbright as gunner

Transferred to Colstreams and on reserve until 1929

Address: 28 Pye Green Road, Cannock

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Thanks all for the coldstream bits

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Some more Coldstreams

Pte G H Higgins

Joined 30th May 18

Discharged 14th Dec 18

Lichfield, Caterham and Pirbright.

Garrison duty

Address: 18 Field Street, Cannock

L/Cpl R H Cliff

Joined 27th Mar 18

Discharged 18th Dec 18

Caterham, Windsor and ALdershot

Address: 26 Church Street, Bridgetown

Pte T H Babb

2nd Coldstreams

Joined 25th July 1899

Discharged 1st Jan 19

Kings and Queen's Medals, 14-15 Star, General Service and Victory Medals

On reserve when war declared.

To France 11th Sept 14

1st Ypres, Loos, Somme, Arras, etc.

Address: 80 Lloyd Street, Cannock

Guardsman E G Townsend (photo)

Joined 29th Dec 14

Discharged 20th Feb 19

14-15 Star, General Service and Victory Medals

Ypres, Loos, Laventie, Somme, Havrincourt, Grandcourt, 3rd Ypres (inc. Pilkem Ridge), Cambrai, Canal du Nord, Army of Occupation.

Address: Clarence Road, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield.

Pte A Evans

Joined 26th Mar 18

Discharged 4th Dec 18

Caterham, Windosr Castle

Discharged to mines

Address: 30 House Row, Esington nr Wolverhampton

Cpl F W Wainwright

JOined 18th Sept 15

Discharged 17th Oct 18

General Service and Victory Medals

Two wound stripes

To France Feb 16

Morval, Les Boeufs where wounded 24th Sept

To hospita; in Monmouthshire

To Poperinghe then Cambrai

Wounded 26th Nov 18 (?) Fontaine

Hospital in Brimingham.

Address: 144, Church Hill, Hednesford

Cpl E Wainwright

Joined Mar 17

Discharged Nov 19

Warwick, Caterham and Windsor

Army of Occupation post Armistice

Discharged at Chelsea

Addreess: 144, Church Hill, Hednesford

Guardsman J Winsor

Joined May 18

Discharged Dec 18

Lichfield and Caterham

Address: 79 Hill Street, Hednesford

Cpl A F M Alcock

1st Coldstreams

Joined Nov 15

Discharged 4th Mar 19

Two wound stripes

MM, General Service and Victory Medals

To France Aug 16

Somme, where wounded MiD

Wounded Aug 18 and awarded MM for conduct

Address: Dugdale Farm, Hednesford

More tomorrow

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None of the latest list provided by bmac are in the index. Hednesford and Sutton are outside the area for the Walsall newspapers but it is always worth checking Cannock entries. Cannock did have its own newspaper but there are a number of Cannock men in the Walsall index. It is also worth checking anyone who had childhood/earlier connections with Walsall even if they had left the area before the war. There are a number of entries which say 'formerly of Walsall' Sue S

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Hi Anthony. The photograph of Artur Motteram in 1915 is different to the one in 1918 so you may want to ask for copies of both. Presumably he had another photograph taken after his commission. According to the 1901 census both Arthur and Harold were born in Walsall. Their father John Smith Motteram was a carpenter and joiner, and their mother was called Hettie. Sue

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Last couple

Guardsman G Timmis

3rd Coldstreams

Joined 17th Aug 15

Discharged Feb 19

Caterham to France May 16

Guillemont, Givenchy, Pilkem Ridge, Passchendaele Ridge, Arras, Canal du Nord where awarded MM 17th Sept 18

Demobbed at Clipstone

Address: Armitage nr. Rugeley

Pte A Bull

1st Coldstreams

14-15 Star, General Service and Victory Medals

One wound stripe

To France May 15

Loos where buried by shell

Wounded at Givenchy (?) 25th Sept 16 and DoW 7 days later at a CCS

Address: 14 Armitage Rd. Rugeley

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Sounds a very worthwhile project. If your index is computerised could you kindly pull out how many are Royal Warwickshire Regiment? My database of RWR has 50 Walsall born and 28 Walsall resident (some overlap between the two categories). Also a small number of Pelsall and Bloxwich.


From the Walsall and District Roll of the Great War (NB these are participants not just those killed). If you need more information on any particular man let me know.

Pte Wm Nicholls - Walsall

Pte J R Jenvey - Walsall

L/Cpl J Bryant (1/5 RWR) - Walsall

Pte W Cochrane - Walsall

Pte John Jeffcott (6 RWR) - Walsall Wood

Cpl J A Craven (15 RWR) - Streetly

Pte F Breeden (2 RWR) - Brownhills

Pte B Batchelor - Brownhills

Sgt C Russell (10 RWR) - Brownhills

Sgt J Burton - Chasetown

Pte E H Jones (14 RWR) - Sutton Coldfield

Pte H Parsons - Great Wyrley

Pte J Cashmore (9 RWR) - Sutton Coldfield

Pte L J Robinson (2 RWR) - Sutton Coldfield

Pte J P Higham (2/5 RWR) - Sutton Coldfield

Pte H F Pickering (9 RWR) - Chasetown

Cpl J I Lomas - Chasetown

Pte C E Humphris (8, 10 and 11 RWR) - Sutton Coldfield

L/Cpl P Salter (1 RWR) - Sutton Coldfield

Pte A J Toy (6 RWR) - Sutton Coldfield

Pte C Evans (1/5 RWR) - Cheslyn Hay

Pte T E Baker (1/5 RWR) - Sutton Coldfield

Pte I E Haddaway - Cannock

Pte H Barnes (14 RWR) - Cannock

Pte T Bagnall - Walsall

Pte F Dawes - Hednesford

Pte J Lewis (1 RWR) - Cannock

Sgt T G Shemmonds (9 RWR) - Alrewas, Burton on Trent

Rev L Richardson (2/7 RWR att 182 Bde) - Burton on Trent

Cpl P B Powell (1/8 RWR) - Burton on Trent

Sgt J A Shaw (9 RWR) - Walsall

Pte A Hunt (16 RWR) - Lichfield

L/Cpl G Salt (9 RWR) - Rugeley

Lt W J Crump (6 RWR) - Lichfield

Capt G R Couch - Lichfield

Pte G E Francis - Walsall

L/Cpl W T Lamb (9RWR) - Walsall

Pte A J Bellingham (1/5 RWR) - Sutton Coldfield

Pte J Roberts (3 RWR) - Walsall

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Thats 2 blanks for me then - Ive a medal to Bull as well

Thanks for looking

and thank you bmac

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Hi Sue

I have just uncovered my photo-copy of the Walsall & District Roll of Honour, which gives info on Walsall service men who survived and who became casualties. There are also some pictures aswell.

If any one wants any info let me know.


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Is there a CLARKSON, James, Corporal # B/815, 8th Rifle Brigade, Killed in Action 3/5/17 at Triangle Wood or any other Rifle Brigade men there.

Many thanks


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Hi Andy. it is not possible to search the index for regiments, corps etc, only by name. James Clarkson does not appear in the index nor on the Walsall Roll of Honour published in 1919. The Roll was used as the definitive list of local men who lost their lives in the Great War and those who appear on it also appear on the memorial in Walsall Town Hall and the Borough Memorial Book. The only Clarkson is William R.A.M.C. of Windsor Street. Sorry not to be of help on this occasion but please feel free to ask again. Sue

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