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1st Tyneside Scottish / 20th Northumberland Fusiliers


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I am reseaching Private Harold Normand Lyon, killed in action on 25 October 1917, a couple of months after his 19th birthday. Needless to say, his papers have not survived. I am trying to work out how long he would have been at the Front. Assuming that the powers that be observed the 19th Birthday Rule, he would have arrived during that couple of months. This was a Battalion that had effectively been wiped out on the Somme the year before. Does anyone know if new men arrived in dribs and drabs as they reached 19, or if there were bulk deliveries ?

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The 20th Bn received drafts totalling 345 men between 21st & 28th September 1917 of whom the War Diary records that the majority were only "partially trained". The drafts numbers were as follows;-

42 O/R's - 21/9/17.

9 O/R's - 22/9/17.

59 O/R's - 23/9/17.

33 O/R's - 24/9/17.

40 O/R's - 25/9/17.

162 O/R's - 28/9/17.

No drafts appear to have been received in October.


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