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Abbreviations on soldier's service record

Guest Christopher5927

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Guest Christopher5927

This is my first post, so forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask. Just yesterday I downloaded theservice record of my great uncle who died in Arras in August 1917. There are several abbreviations that I cannot work out. Could anyone help with them?

D.O.N and D.O.No.

AFB 103

HA (followed by numbers) is this hospital admission?

ML List (followed by numbers)

DC (followed by numbers)

WG Form (is this war grave form)

SC sent to AG14


Thanks for any help.

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Hi Chris;

Most of these I cannot help with but I do know that AFB103 is Afrmy Form B 103 (Casualty Sheet)

I suspect the D.O.N is Date of Notification

As a guess AG14 would be Adjutant General with the 14 being (possibly dept 14)

expat pom

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Hi Chris

Here are some suggestions

AG followed by number is sometimes an Adjutant General Staff Officer

DO followed by number is a Daily Order of a unit

ML Missing List

DC Daily Casualty

If you have some more details on his service it could help on working out what these stand for

Regards Mark

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